Thursday, December 1, 2011

The days in the life of Roman, daddy and I.

Most days start out pretty normal... Roman wakes up at 6:30 and I bring him in to snuggle, and he always falls back asleep. He normally wakes up around eight and starts smacking my face to get me up so that we can start the day. Even when daddy's home he always attacks my face. We then go downstairs to let the dogs out to the bathroom, and when I go to let them in our Mastiff, Coco always runs in Romans direction and as she passes wacks him in the face with her tail... He doesn't enjoy that part of the morning so much. When the cleaning starts while Roman follows pulling everything out so that We can start the whole process over again throughout the day. He absolutely loves blues clues! he actually asks for it by signing some of the dance moves in the show. Yeah... it pretty much makes your heart melt.
He loves to help mommy or daddy cook, whenever I or Adam goes to the kitchen he runs in, (even if he's doing something she will drop it) and he'll ask to have one of us pick him up by saying "uh uh!" and he will start doing at "tippy toe" dance.
He is always looking to learn! wherever we go, whatever we're doing, whether were out at the store, home doing chores or playing he wants to know what things are by pointing and looking at one of us and saying "oh." he's constantly asking and exploring.
Today we just stayed in and finished decorating for Christmas. I put things on the tree, he took things off of the tree. He would run around with his truck and his cars and put his toys on the cars pushing them around. his absolute favorite toys are Pluto and Eeyore stuffed animals. He goes everywhere with them sleeping, playing, car rides, you name it, he's got at least one or the other and frequently both. sometimes it reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.
He is friendly with everyone and he is always flirting with his heart melting smile. When daddy comes home from work you can forget about mom for a couple days because he's all about father and son time which is so much fun to watch them together as they tease and play. There is no doubt that dad is Roman's hero. I can't blame him, he's my hero too!
There can be no question in anyone's mind that we were blessed with a strong healthy beautiful little boy with so much personality and love. Does life get any better? I'm not sure how it could. :)
We love you Roman!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So much in such a short amount of time...

So I am kind of horrible at this blogging business. I would like to tell you that I am going to be better and that I will blog on a regular basis but that can't be guaranteed... But l will tell you that I am going to make an honest effort to be better... We'll see how that goes.
I can't believe how fast life is gone by; I've already been married 3 1/2 years, I have a 17 month old little boy and I'm pregnant 5 1/2 months with a little girl.
I have to say that I honestly I have the most wonderful husband anyone could ask for. Adam is everything that I have ever wanted and more he is playful, he is sweet, he is ambitious he is everything that a wife, mother and woman could ever want in a lover, a husband and a man.
With our little boy, we are, so far the luckiest parents in the world! He is the sweetest most mild-mannered baby I have ever seen let alone have the privilege to be the mother of. He makes me laugh every single day, he's got quite the personality. We have a hip swinging Santa that dances as he sings, and he likes to dance with him! it's the cutest thing you could possibly see in your life. He presses the button and then swings his hips along with the Santa I need to record this so you can see this adorable display. He loves music in general. He will dance to anything if you turn the music on. He starts wiggling his hips and shaking his head, all with the biggest smile on his face; it's his favorite thing to do.
So far he can say mommy, daddy, Adam, Karree, hot and coco. He can also sign drink, food, milk and thank you. ...Yeah, he's a smart little guy. Just today he went in the corner to do his "business," afterwords he proceeded to find a diaper and handed it to me. what you think that means? Yeah.... He can already tell me when he has pooped... Can you say early potty training? I think so!
He absolutely loves other kids! He will walk up to any child and offer to play with them. Plus he's already a little Casanova with the ladies just the other day we went to the doctor to do his check up and he started playing with the little girl in the waiting room and was flirting with her. it was the cutest Scene!

This pregnancy so far has been semi-similar to Romans. With Romans pregnancy I was severely sick for the first 12 weeks I was throwing up at least three times a day if not more. I lost 12 pounds and didn't start gaining it back until the middle of the second trimester. I felt pretty good my second trimester, although I was very tired. When my third trimester hit, I went from not showing hardly at all to having a huge basketball for a belly. Never in my life had ever had to get up to pee in the middle of the night... That is until I hit my third trimester and I was peeing at least twice a night it drove me up the wall batty!
With this pregnancy I was really nauseated the first trimester but I hardly had to run to the bathroom to throw up; as soon as I hit my second trimester I was throwing up every day for about two weeks. I lost 7 pounds and I'm now starting to maintain that weight and I think I'll probably start gaining the weight as the pregnancy progresses at this point. My energy is definitely back up and I am not nearly as tired as I was with Roman. My belly is slowly starting to round out but hasn't "popped" yet. I am to the favorite part of my pregnancy I can feel her moving every day kicking and twisting. I'm not to the point where I Adam can feel her yet but I think in another week he will be able to.
Adam is working for Patterson UTI which is and oil rig. He works in Wyoming. He is at work 14 days, and home for 14 days which is hard and awesome all at the same time... and I'll explain why.
I hate it when he's gone, it's lonely and empty, I have a really hard time sometimes. But if I stay busy the faster it goes by and I get to be with him again. Thanks to the new iPhone 4 we can FaceTime which makes everyday a little bit nicer. When he is home it's so much fun! He doesn't have to go to work in the morning he can play with me we can get stuff done there's so much we can do with the entire day's to ourselves, we can sleep in and it's just bliss.
I try to go down and visit him at least once when he's working. That seems to break things up a little better when we are able to do that. Luckily this job is just a means to an end it's just a steppingstone to do something that we want to do and start our own business. Every hitch is a little bit harder... I thought it would get easier but it doesn't; and it doesn't get easier when he leaves. but every reunion get a little sweeter. He is a wonderful man and I know that he won't have to be there for very long. We are both dreamers and I know that we can both accomplish all the dreams we have.
As for me I have a lot going on I do photography, eyelash extensions and I work for Doterra essential oils. Yes sometimes I feel like I'm spread a little thin. But with a little bit more organization I think I can pull it off! or at least I hope so... All of this is just a small gist of what has happened in the last 3 1/2 years there's so much more I want to record but that is to be saved for another day. Good night!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pregancy has two faces, and it often rears it's ulgy, ugly head!!! part one

So I have had several people asked me to start a blog to tell the story of my pregnancy an birth. I have definatly taken my sweet time starting this blog and I have most certainly herd about it! ;)
Okay everyone it is finally here! the whole story of how I got Roman Adam Williamson here.

October 26th 2009 on my husband Adams 28th birthday, his family was throwing a party at his parents home. Even though it was a great night and everyone was having fun I couldn't help but nourish the nagging thoughts in my head; mind you I had been mulling over the possibility that I might be prego for about a week at this point but I wasn't suppose to "start" until the day prior, and needless to say I was having no signs of a period coming on...

Now you might be asking yourself, "Was this planned, or was this a oops moment?" Well to this day Adam and I have slightly different opinions on the matter... After we were married ( august 7th 2008) we talked about waiting around two years and then we would stop prevention and let what happened, happened... Well a year passed by and we toyed with the idea of maybe stopping birth control around his birthday. However the closer that time came, the more we thought it would be wise to wait.

Okay! now that you are up to speed on that, let's continue with the story.
Now I had been sure on a few occasions prior that I was pregnant (more like paranoid.) but obviously I was not, so understandably when I told Adam that I thought I might be, he didn't really think much of it. But I just had a strong feeling about it this time. While I was in that moment I would not admit it, (even to myself) I was hoping that I was pregnant...

So here I am at my husbands party dieing to know for sure, when an oppertunity arose. Marilyn needed some extra paper cups and plates, so I jumped on that like white on rice! do before anyone else could volunteer I was jn the jeep headed for Wally-world. (aka wal-mart) not a particular place I like to shop, but I wanted a place that was fast and cheap, and wal-mart fit the bill... After I had gotten every thing I needed for the party I went straight over to the pharmacy area, having an internal argument with myself about whether this was really something that absolutly could not wait. Well I decided that it was a "need to know right now!" situation.

I bought my Test and headed back for the car opened the box and pulled out one of the tests and put the rest under the seat, I suffed the test deep into my pocket so that no one would notice it there. On the way home I found myself hoping that it WAS positive... once I got to the house they were ready to serve the birthday cake, so after they lit the candles and sang happy birthday I took the oppertunity to run to the "restroom" while they were serving the cake.
I wasreally careful to put the wrappers of the test in my pocket and not in the trash so that no one would figure it out just yet; I knew I wasn't ready for that.

Waiting for the results was the longest two minutes I had experianced so far. I took a deep breath and peaked at the test... "pregnant."

There were only a few times in my life so far where I actually felt the noticavle change in my life, and no it was not my sixteenth or even twenty-first birthday, I pretty much felt no different on those days. The first day I felt a noticable change was the day Adam asked ne to marry him in Las Vegas, NV in front of the bellagio during the water show. The show was giving me goosebumps and Adam had his arms around me with his chin on my shoulder, and as I put my hand on his I felt the ring on the tip of his middle finger.

It was one thing to think about the possibility of being pregnant and even wanting to be pregnant, and another thing entirely to to actually find out that you are.