Thursday, December 1, 2011

The days in the life of Roman, daddy and I.

Most days start out pretty normal... Roman wakes up at 6:30 and I bring him in to snuggle, and he always falls back asleep. He normally wakes up around eight and starts smacking my face to get me up so that we can start the day. Even when daddy's home he always attacks my face. We then go downstairs to let the dogs out to the bathroom, and when I go to let them in our Mastiff, Coco always runs in Romans direction and as she passes wacks him in the face with her tail... He doesn't enjoy that part of the morning so much. When the cleaning starts while Roman follows pulling everything out so that We can start the whole process over again throughout the day. He absolutely loves blues clues! he actually asks for it by signing some of the dance moves in the show. Yeah... it pretty much makes your heart melt.
He loves to help mommy or daddy cook, whenever I or Adam goes to the kitchen he runs in, (even if he's doing something she will drop it) and he'll ask to have one of us pick him up by saying "uh uh!" and he will start doing at "tippy toe" dance.
He is always looking to learn! wherever we go, whatever we're doing, whether were out at the store, home doing chores or playing he wants to know what things are by pointing and looking at one of us and saying "oh." he's constantly asking and exploring.
Today we just stayed in and finished decorating for Christmas. I put things on the tree, he took things off of the tree. He would run around with his truck and his cars and put his toys on the cars pushing them around. his absolute favorite toys are Pluto and Eeyore stuffed animals. He goes everywhere with them sleeping, playing, car rides, you name it, he's got at least one or the other and frequently both. sometimes it reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.
He is friendly with everyone and he is always flirting with his heart melting smile. When daddy comes home from work you can forget about mom for a couple days because he's all about father and son time which is so much fun to watch them together as they tease and play. There is no doubt that dad is Roman's hero. I can't blame him, he's my hero too!
There can be no question in anyone's mind that we were blessed with a strong healthy beautiful little boy with so much personality and love. Does life get any better? I'm not sure how it could. :)
We love you Roman!

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